Federal Government Resumes 101

by carlos 11. June 2008

Creating a Federal Government Resume is very different from creating a resume for any other type of job or career.

You can be successful at Federal Government resume writing by following four basic steps to create a lasting impression that’s certain to get you the job you want. But don't forget thereare professional servicess that you can hire to complete the task for you.


Step One: Read the Job Announcement Carefully

When approaching Federal Government resume writing, you need to be fully prepared and aware of exactly what information you need to offer. This information is found in the job announcement. If you’re applying for a Senior Executive level position, you will be required to submit an SES resume in lieu of a standard resume. Also, there are separate government applications, SF-171, OF-306, or the OF-612 that you may be required to complete in addition to your Federal Government resume writing, such as the . These specifications will be in the job announcement, so pay attention to this information.

Step Two: Gather Information

Before you jump into Federal Government Resume Writing, you need to have all of your information at hand. This will include work history, education, training, skills, and other relevant information; additionally you will need to collect any information that is specifically requested in the job announcement, if any.


Step Three: Prepare a Draft of Your Resume

Once you’ve gathered all of the required information for your resume, you can begin the process of  resume writing.  Most Federal Resume writing is done by listing the information in a functional order; this means that you list your experience, education, and work history as it is relevant to the job announcement, rather than listing everything in chronological order. However, you still need to keep your categories separate; list your work experience and education separately, as well as any other related experience or information. Although Federal Government resume writing styles can vary, a good sequence is:

Work History/Experience
Other Training/Education
Other relevant experience
References (as necessary)


Step Four: Revise, Edit, and Send

Now that you’ve written a draft of your resume, you need to re-read it, afew times, and ensure that every bit of the information is correct and well presented. It may help to have a friend or colleague review your resume as well, to get a fresh perspective. Make any edits or revisions to your Federal Government resume writing that are necessary. Once you’re certain your resume is presented the way you want it to be, and that you have provided all of the information that is requested in the job announcement, you’re ready to send out your resume. If you’ve followed these steps and created a resume that proves you’re the best person for the job, you’ll be getting contacted for interviews in no time.









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