Federal Overseas Employment Opportunities

by carlos 23. August 2007

The Federal Government has supervisory, technical, and administrative employment opportunities overseas.

As vacancies occur, positions are filled in most cases by transferring career Federal employees from the United States.

But when Federal employees are not available for transfer overseas, and qualified United States citizens cannot be recruited locally, are these vacancies filled through the open examination process. Professionally written Federal Resumes are strongly recommended.

Individuals may apply directly to the appropriate Federal agencies for excepted service positions such as attaché, office clerk-translator, translator, interpreter, and Foreign Service, Department of State positions.


Usually, the requirements are the same as those for positions in the United States. Applicants may, however, be required to meet certain additional or higher standards. Such as the ability to speak in a foreign language.


Overseas white-collar and blue-collar employees are paid the same base salaries as Federal employees in the continental United States but, employees may receive a post differential or cost-of living allowance
as well.

Certain former overseas employees may be eligible for non-competitive appointments to Executive Branch positions. For further information, contact the Federal agency where you are interested in working.

To search for these positions Use the Office of Personnel Management's USAJOBS.gov

USAJOBS contains easily accessible Federal Employment information.

On the web site, job seekers can access worldwide job vacancies, employment information, fact sheets, applications and forms, and in some instances, apply for jobs online. Complete job announcements can be retrieved from the web site.



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