Federal Resume Basics

by carlos 29. October 2008

A Federal Government Resume is the document required for jobs in the federal government.

A federal resume is done in a chronological format, which means that you list your work history in reverse order. You also need to include information you wouldn;t ever use on a civillian resume.

Some of that information is:

The announcement number, title, series and grade of the job vacancy

Your Personal Information: full name and address, day and evening phone numbers, social security number, citizenship, your veteran’s preference if applicable, reinstatement eligibility and the highest federal civilian grade you have achieved.

You must list your complete education: high school, including the scool name, city, and state, date of diploma or GED, all colleges or universities, including the school names, city and state, majors, and the typeof degree and the year of the degrees received)

Provide a complete Work history: job title, duties and accomplishments, your employer’s name and address, all your supervisor’s names and numbers, the starting and ending dates of your employment, hours per week, salary, references)

Also be very thorough in listing all additional qualifications: job-related training courses, skills, certificates and licenses,awards and special accomplishmentsand commendations, any publications you have had and memberships in professional societies and honor societies as well. Also provide leadership activities and any public speaking and performance awards.

It is very unusual as compared to civilian resumes but then again remember it is for the federal government and this document is used to show you are qualified so it takes alot more information than a civilian resume that is based only on getting an interview.  Make sure you are thorough on your resume. The benefits of federal emplomyent are well worth the extra work up front.







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