Federal Resume Classification and Job Grading

by scott 4. August 2007

There are currently over 800 different occupations listed in the Occupations of Federal White Collar and Trades, Craft and Labor Positions report issued by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). In the federal job grading system, each job title gets identified by its own job series number. Additionally, each job is listed in a designated occupational group.

White collar jobs are usually found in management, administration, science and professional fields while the rest are exactly what you think:  more of a “blue collar” labor and trade. Overall, there are 22 white collar groups and 36 blue collar groups of jobs.

For example, 4414 refers to Offset Photography and 1222 is for the Patent Attorney Series.

It’s a good thing the federal government lists all this out for you.  You can check out Job Grading Standards for Trades, Craft and Labor Positions and Position Classification Standards for White Collar Work for more information.

Remember, no matter what position you apply for, you want to make sure your resume gets past the computers and into a federal hiring personnel’s hands.  Fill out our consultation form and speak to one of our staff today so you can be interviewing tomorrow.

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