Federal Resume Writing: The Deal Breaker

by carlos 2. July 2008


As with any resume or job application, there are certain elements and experiences that are required to be on a federal resume. Following the exact requirements is a necessity in a Federal Resume application, and there is no room for error.

When you are applyiong at the federal level, exactness and following the rules isn't a suggestion it is required. For a standard Federal Resume here is what needs to be included.

Job information including the announcement number, job title, and grade of the position that you're applying for

Personal information: Name and mailing address, phone numbers, country of citizenship, and social security number

Veteran's preference, if eligible. This is available to retired military members that were discharged for honorable reasons, including disability, a campaign badge, or an expeditionary medal.

Reinstatement eligibility, if you are a former federal employee. You must have a form SF-50 with your highest level of federal civilian grade held.

Education, including high school with complete address, college information including majors and degrees. If no degree acheived, you need to list credit hours and courses taken.

Work Experience: Job titles, duties, achievements, address information, name of employers/agencies worked for, supervisor's contact information, dates of employment, hours worked weekly, and salary history.

Job related Training courses, skills, certificates and licenses, honors, awards, and any other special accomplishments. List this information, but do not provide documents unless it is requested.

Also, for certificates and licenses, only include current information. With training courses, list the title of the course and the year attended.

Writing a federal resume is a big job. You need to have a Professional Level Resume package, including a resume, cover letter, and all the other required information and documents.

You also need to ensure that these documents are 100% error free and well written. The person in charge of hiring only spends a few seconds glancing at resumes, so as well as being unique, you've got to grab their attention...Fast...so that you can increase your chances of being hired.




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