Federal Resume Writing Tips

by carlos 21. August 2007


Pay Attention to Your Keywords

You're starting to write your Federal Resume, or you are drafting your KSA's, think about which keywords you should be included. You may be the most qualified candidate for that Federal position , but without the right keywords you may never get the interview.

Just One Properly Used Keyword Makes a Lasting Impression

When an employer sees a word such as "analyst" in your resume, he mentally gets the idea that you are experienced in areas such as data collection, research and data evaluation, Just one keyword can have this effect. Think of the effect a resume loaded with good choices can make.

Be Concise; to the Point

Remember you are telling your "employment" story not writing an autobiography. Employers and Federal Recruiters are overwhelmed with resumes and they have to sift through this huge jumble. They quickly scan through the submissions looking for their "man" or "woman". For that reason your resume needs to pass the scan test. Look at your resume and/or KSA’s and ask yourself:

* Can an employer see my main qualities within 8 to 10 seconds?

* Does important information shout out to them?

* Does this resume effectively sell me on the first third of the first page?

Use a Professional Critical Eye

Most of us are proud of our careers and we naturally feel the data on our resumes should represent everything we've accomplished. But we normally get carried away. Your Resume (OF-612 or Resumix) shouldn't have every detail of your career. And your KSA's should only cover the exact question asked. Be judicious. Does it really matter that you delivered pizza during your college days?




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