From Military to Civilian Life

by carlos 30. August 2007

The United States Military provides this country with one of the richest sources of well trained, well disciplined and skilled work force candidates available.

If you are leaving Military service you should know this as a certainty. You will be a asset to any company lucky enough to have you.

But there is a catch and that is language, nomenclature. The difference in language between Military life and Civilian life is huge.

This is the major stumbling block that most ex-military job seekers encounter immediately when transitioning from military service to civilian life.

And it is this same barrier which keeps you a hidden and unknown asset to civilian employers (remember they don't know the military jargon).

It is as if you were going into a foreign land where no one spoke your native tongue. If you want to find food and shelter you need to find someone that can translate for you !

In your job search, that's where the Professional Certified "Military to Civilian Resume" Writer comes in. He is your translator. Like our example above, he will get the doors opened for you, he will be the one that makes sure you have a roof over your head and a warm supper.

The Professional "Military to Civilian Resume" Writer is the one that will get you the interviews you need!

Whether you are taking advantage of the many benefits of going into Federal Government Employment (you have a Veterans preference you know) !

Or if you are seeking employment in the civilian sector, using a Certified Resume Writer will make the task of getting a good job more rewarding, quicker and less frustrating for you and your potential employers.

Do your self a favor get a trained professional to do this work for you; you will be so happy you did.




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