Getting an entry-level Federal Job

by fred 27. April 2010

Having a job in the Federal government has some benefits over the private sector. The jobs tend to be secure and one’s likelihood of rising up the ladder is more reasonable. There is no chance of suffering a lay-off when the economy takes a dive. Like in every other sector, getting the right entry-level job could be the start of a fruitful career in the Federal service. Below are some excellent entry-level jobs, their hiring patterns and projected growth rates. Something important to know is that a college degree is the basic requirement for most of these jobs.
Social Workers
If you love helping others, you can check for openings for the position of social worker or outreach coordinator. There is potential for fast growth especially in health care, Social Services, Local Agencies.
This is one of the most promising fields within the Federal government. This includes cost accountant, general accountant or income advisor. Your duties will include analyzing accounting records, preparing tax returns, maintaining budgets. Other responsibilities include analyzing business trends and reporting financial situations to the management.

Another good position is the post of admin assistant. It has great potential for growth. Occupations in this field include executive secretary, administrative assistant, administrative coordinator and administrative director. The position involves planning and directing supportive services such as mail distribution, record keeping and telephone operator. One also has the responsibility of planning budgets for supplies and contracts, setting deadlines, analyzing internal processes and implementing procedural changes to improve operations.
Computer System Analysts
There is great growth potential in this specialty. Positions include Computer Systems Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Consultant, System Analyst and Programmer Analyst. The job description includes testing and maintaining computer systems and programs, helping staff with any computer system issues they might encounter, improving existing systems and supervising programmers. Other tasks are coordinating and linking the computer systems in the organization for ease of file sharing and compatibility.
Other Jobs
Other good occupations to start your career in the government include applying for jobs as a technician, assistant or fire fighter. These are just some of the best entry-level Federal jobs with good prospects of growth. The pay is good too, from $15 to $50 per hour, depending on the type of position. This rate increases as one progresses in the career. Vacancy announcements and descriptions are featured on the Federal employment site and other State agency sites, Office of Personnel Management and in other media. Updated announcements are added every week so you are sure to get the latest details from the USAJobs.

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