Government Job Resume Format

by scott 5. August 2007

How does one start the process to a government jobs?

The first step is to get familiar with OF-612.  (That is pronounced oh-ef-six-twelve for those in the know.)  This is a type of federal resume format for civilians looking for work in government positions.  This format is mandated by the government, and it’s strict and complicated guidelines are because of the computer systems that scan in these resumes and grade them without human intervention.

Interestingly, as of June 2005, the OF-612 form no longer has to be used to submit a federal resume.  However, most applicants will apply over the web, and will still need to have their resume in the OF-612 format when uploading it.  Until the government changes the internet based systems they have running to receive the resumes, you will still need to write your federal resume in this format.

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