How Federal Government Resume Writing impacts your Job Search

by fred 16. March 2010

Federal Resume writing (especially bad government resume writing) is the second most common reason that people are not hired for positions in spite of their qualifications. The only reason that it is not #1 is because the most common reason people do not get the jobs they want is because they do not apply. Whether they do not think they have what it takes or do not have the time, many people cut themselves from the running before they even get started by not applying to jobs.

It does not matter what level you are at in a career; not having a polished and flawless resume almost guarantees failure in your job search. There are so many resume books and websites that there is no reason you could not write a proper resume that suits your career profile. It is essential to remember that every resume should be different. If 50 people apply for a job and every resume looks the same, the employer will not be impressed and might not hire anybody. However, if one candidate takes the time to make his/her resume stand out from the other candidates, he/she will probably be first in line for a job interview.

How do you make your resume stand out when you do not know what your competitors are doing? While you cannot know how other job seekers are approaching Federal government resume writing, you can however do everything in your power to make yours as flawless as possible. First, avoid misspellings and use simple formats with clear fonts and right spacing. Then work on other elements that will make your resume writing a success. For example, focus on keywords in the job announcement and use them in your resume. That way, you will catch the attention of the reader. Also, if you use headlines and bold fonts (sparingly) to emphasize important points of your resume, you will create a way to stand out.

It does not matter what career level you are at. All candidates must provide polished resumes that stand out from other candidates in order to impress employers.

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