How does Resumix work?

by fred 10. September 2009
An automated scanning software used to ease the government recruitment process both for the hiring managers and the candidates, Resumix is now the hiring tool of choice for federal agencies such as the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Coast Guard and the Department of Commerce.

What it means for applicants is that they will have to use an online resume builder called resumix builder to submit their career information.

The scanned resumes will be added to a database, giving to job seekers the chance to use the same Resumix resume to apply to other openings within the agency, thanks to the easy self-nomination process.

However, applicants interested in applying to different government agencies will need to go through different online Resumix builders, as requirements slightly vary from one agency to the other: for example the Army Resumix is restricted to 3 pages while the Navy Resumix allows 5 pages.

Because the Resumix software matches the skills of the applicants against those listed in the vacancy to identify the best candidates, your Federal Resumix resume must include all the relevant keywords, otherwise your application won't even be seen by the hiring manager.

Resumix is only used in the first step of the hiring process, since resumes extracted from the database will be reviewed by hiring managers before proceeding with interviews.

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