Including A Detailed Work History In Your Federal Resume

by fred 14. September 2010

Competition is fierce when it comes to federal resumes, if you have ever been on the market for a federal job then you know the wait can be a long one. What does it result in? It causes lots of job seekers to try and sum up all of their past job experience way to quickly. Many of them do this because they believe an employer will not read their federal resume if they are to detailed. I am here to tell you that you do not have to sum up your past job experience and qualifications quickly, especially if you feel they will really help you to get your foot in the door.

Federal resumes do take a long time to review and go over, but this is not because the resume is too long, it is usually because there are so many people applying. If you make the mistake of assuming that the people reviewing your resume do not care about detailed job history you cannot be more wrong. Yes, they might be very busy with other applicants but this does not mean they will not look over a federal resume with more scrutiny.

There are certain federal resume services that will be able to help you present your experience to a federal employer correctly. If you do this you will be much better off, because almost all employers consider a detailed job history important in order to see if you are the person they want to interview for the federal job. Getting that interview is the most important step, because if you do this means you have surpassed a lot of other applicants. If would be a good idea here to find out what made you stand out so even if you do not get that federal job you can highlight that one attribute to look better for another federal employer.

Federal jobs require that you write a resume and a KSA that is effective. The best way to do this would be to include as much detail as possible, do not confuse this with fluff. You want everything you write to have value and to be something the federal employer wants to hear. Anything unnecessary can be left out, only things that will make you look valuable need to be included. So follow the advise mentioned in this article and do not be afraid to include a detailed work history.

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