KSA Essays Do's

by fred 4. August 2010
KSA essays are required on many different types of applications for Federal careers. These KSA's can make the difference between getting an interview and not being selected.

Evaluate the requirements of the job you are looking at. Begin preparing a list of what you believe this job would involve as far as knowledge, skills and abilities are considered. If the posting lists specific needs for the job, write them down as well. When you have decided on all the key specifications, you will need to begin adding this information into your statements.

Take a moment and review the Do's for writing your KSA's:

· Do list all the KSA's you have related to the mentioned vacancy announcement.
· Do list any experiences you have that are relevant to the vacancy announcement you are applying to.
· Do use proper grammar and punctuation.
· Do write information so that it is clear.
· Do keep your information in chronological order.
· Do mention special certifications, education and training.
· Do focus on what you are qualified for, not what you cannot do.
· Do use words that stir excitement, such as action terms.

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