Navy Resumix

by scott 6. August 2007

As with the Army, Air Forice, Coast Guard and Department of Commerce, the Navy uses the RESUMIX format to improve Federal recruitment by allowing the federal resumes to be scanned into computers.

The Navy RESUMIX format is less restrictive than the Army format.  The Navy RESUMIX allows 5 pages, while the army RESUMIX is a highly restrictive 3–page format. In this format you also must include answers to all the KSA questions in the RESUMIX, not as separate answers like in some other federal jobs. Like the Army format, the Navy RESUMIX format is used for most, but not all Navy postings.

RESUMIX allows a faster hiring process, since the federal resume is graded quickly and at once extracted from the database to be reviewed by supervisors.  There is no waiting fofr a manual ranking of candidates first.

The real question is what to put on your federal resume so that it receives the highest grade it can…that is where professional resume writers can help.

Remember, you want to make sure your resume gets past the computers and into a federal hiring personnel’s hands.  Fill out our consultation form and speak to one of our staff today so you can be interviewing tomorrow.

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