SES Requirements Get Tougher

by carlos 16. January 2008

(excerpt from an article by STEPHEN LOSEY (link below)

...Defense Department civilian employees who hope to reach
the senior executive ranks will need a far more diverse range of experience, according to the Pentagon’s top civilian personnel official.
People seeking to move into the Senior Executive Service should seek experience working with multiple branches of the military, non-Defense departments, state, local and foreign governments and non-governmental organizations.

“If you have not had an assignment outside of your component and operated in the joint environment, you will not be competitive for selection into the Senior Executive Service in the very near future,” Patricia Bradshaw, deputy undersecretary of Defense for civilian personnel policy, said Oct. 10 at the Association of the U.S. Army conference in Washington.

The Pentagon plans to issue new rules by the end of the year emphasizing the importance of joint duty for civilian employees, she said.

End of Excerpt

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