SES Resume Writing Tips

by carlos 8. November 2007

When applying for a position as a senior executive with the federal government, you need an Outstanding SES Federal Resume. Only in this way will you gain the objective of securing the interviews you are seeking.

Let’s quickly define the two most important sections of an SES resume:

1. Your profile (or) your career summary and
2. Your achievements.

A profile or career summary is a short statement that focuses on your abilities in a creative and interesting manner. This makes it an easy task for the reader it to quickly see your value and worth.

Because positions in the SES,(Senior Executive Service), are highly prized, a single vacancy announcement can easily draw thousands of applicants.

Your profile must be a superlative example of writing just to be seen much less stand out in the sea of applicants. In short your profile should be a short professional summary of no more than 10 lines.

The achievement part of your SES Resume should list your actual "accomplishments" in a brief, easy-to-understand format.

Generalizations (all too commonly used) should be avoided and details should be used to describe the results of your actions. You want to show the reader what is is you actually did, you increased profits by $___ you reduced costs by $___ .

SES positions are highly sought after. SES positions come with respect, (rightly so), they pay well and have incredible benefit packages. An SES position is a post you can be proud to have.

Having you SES resume professionally done is probably one of the wisest choices you can make. For a responsible, professional handling of your SES resume go to . It will be one of the best
choices you ever make.






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