SES Resume and the ECQ

by carlos 14. February 2008


What is the ECQ portion of the SES Resume? You will mostly hear it referred to as a narrative statement (an essay) .

The purpose is to clearly show your qualifications and experience as well as the actual results you have achieved. The ECQ is also a tremendous opportunity!

By taking advantage of your skills, abilities and real life application, when done properly, the well executed ECQ can boost you to the top of the list of Qualified applicants.

And in the competition for these highly valued SES positions that is an extremely important aspect of the SES resume.

The ECQ's give you the ability to shine!

There are other types of narrative statements that may be required PTQ, MTQ. these work the same way.

During the application process for any SES position remember that you are vying for a Senior level position against many other smart, sharp, qualified competitors. Rule number one in competition is to Never Underestimate your Competition , come to the game fully prepared to win.

Your SES Resume is the first and most important tool you need to get the door open. Your Resume must be superior in quality and must have the all important "Wow" factor.




For this type of project I strongly recommend professional SES Resume Writing.

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