The Fastest Way to Lose a Federal Job!

by carlos 28. May 2008

What is the fastest way to lose a Federal Job ? Well it is to never get hired! 

What is the fastest way to make sure you never get hired?

Use a Resume Template or so called Resume Wizard !

Unlike the world of fantasy where a  Resume Wizard carries a magic wand and performs miracles. In the Federal Job Search world a Resume Wizard is lazy, feeble and a sure-fired way to FAIL!

Look, if you needed a root canal you wouldn’t do it yourself when you could go to a dentist, Heck No! And from my point of view a job is significantly more important than a tooth!

So why try to write your own Federal Resume when there’s a Certified Federal Resume Writer out there that can do it for you...Why?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, your Resume needs to stand out as well.

You aren’t going to look like the next big thing if your resume looks like a high school computer class assignment.




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