The SES Resume Some Guidelines

by carlos 15. January 2008

Besides the ECQ questions which are very important let's look at the
two most important sections of an SES Resume:

1. Your "Profile" (or Career Summary) and

2. Your "Achievements".

A "Profile or Career Summary" focuses on your skills and abilities
communicated in a way (with applicable keywords and buzzwords) that makes it easy for anyone reading it to quickly "get it".
The professionalism of your writing is extremely important because in todays internet age each job posting easily draws in thousands of applicants.

Your profile needs to be outstanding just to stand out from the crowd!

The "Achievements" part of an SES Resume should succinctly describe
your accomplishments. Remember to write in a professional easy-to-understand manner. Use statistics wherever you can to "show" results.

I strongly suggest that at this level of your career that you invest in
Professional Certified Resume Writers that Know and Understand the SES Resume requirements and twho wil build you an outstanding resume that WORKS.





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