The U.S. Army Resumix Resume

by carlos 8. August 2007


Federal Resumes for jobs within the Department of the Army use the Army Resumix format. This version of the resumix format has length limits you may find unusual and restrictive.

It is extremely important that you stick to the restrictions or your resume will get sucked into the virtual black hole of lost resumes, 
lost forever.

This first part of the screening process is your first impression and as you know it is crucial that you make a good first impression.

In this format you're also required to include the answers to the KSA questions within the body of the RESUMIX...not separately.

When you are writing your job descriptions, the restrictions may seem to be unsurmountable, but many people have gotten through the process successfully.

Now many people haven't been so successful and so a professional resume writing service may be the right choice for you.

In either event what works is high quality resume writing, putting your best food forward, and sticking to the Army Resumix restrictions.

Good Luck!

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