Top 10 Federal Job Search Mistakes

by fred 10. November 2010

Here is the second part of our ranking, when it comes to Federal government job search mistakes:

 6. Folks use a civilian sector resume opposed to a federal resume. Many folks tend to be unaware of how there may be a distinction with making use of to personal sector jobs in comparison to federal work. All too frequently, one of the biggest mistakes that folks make involves utilizing a resume for any personal sector career when they're applying to get a federal work. A federal resume has a lot more specifications, for example the person's social security number, additionally to other items.

7. Folks fail to demonstrate the skills, abilities, and understanding they've. Anyone who is making use of for careers needs to demonstrate the skills, information that they have and can do that through narratives.

8. Folks fail to sell themselves. When you might be making use of a resume, use it the way that it really is meant for. Ultimately, it really should be employed as a way to market oneself and not as a method to give your life story.

9. People apply for any position they are not qualified for. When you might be reading the work description, it's important to make positive that you are qualified for the career. Be positive that you have the education or experience they specify and if you don't then do not apply. 

10. People apply for everything rather than concentrating on a specific audience within their resume. When you are applying for a number of different jobs, make sure that each of your resumes targets the audience that you are going for. 

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November 30. 2010 15:45


Of course, another mistake is not preparing enough for the interview. Job seekers should be aware that Federal job interviews are pretty tricky.

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