Top 10 KSA Points You Don't Know

by scott 3. August 2007
  1. This term can be used to mean, “The entire KSA document as a whole”, and also as “each individual point made in the document”. For instance, if a particular job posting requires KSA’s, it will list what KSA points they want. One KSA may say “Experience in communicating complex technical financial and investment analyses, both verbally and in writing”. So in the KSA document we produce, the writer will write the word for word KSA point from the posting, and following that point, will write how the client fits that particular “knowledge”, “skill” and “ability”.
  2. A typical KSA document will have five KSA points defined.
  3. Each KSA point has the exact KSA from the job posting, followed by an essay. The KSA points are each written off a CCAR model. Conflict, Challenge, Action, Results.
  4. The KSA’s can be generic rather than the specific example given above. Examples of generic KSA’s you will always see are, “The ability to communicate orally” and, “The ability to communicate in writing”.
  5. KSA’s are usually no longer than one page per KSA point.
  6. The total document doesn’t usually run longer than 5 pages, but if it does it can be ok as long as each point is between ½ pages to a full page. It is ok if one point runs a little long; just make sure that not every point runs long.
  7. The client can earn extra points and a higher grade for their resume if a job posting does not mention that it needs certain KSA’s, and the writers use generic ones.
  8. Your KSA and federal resume is given a grade by a computer based on points.
  9. 40% of your grade for a federal job is from the KSA alone.
  10. Your KSA can be submitted along with your resume on many federal job websites. On most of those sites, there is a place for additional information. This will be where you can place the KSA document information for submission.

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