Top 5 Cover Letter Tips

by fred 31. August 2010
Cover letters can help those who are looking to decide between one potential candidate and another. As a matter of fact, cover letters play such an important role in the hiring process that if it is badly written, it could ruin any chances of getting the job even if your Federal resume is good. There are several key guidelines that one should always follow when writing a cover letter:
1. Customize the cover letter to suit the exact position that you are applying) to. Do not make a cover letter that is will work for every single position that you will apply to, make one specifically for each job.

2. Use language that is instantly understandable. This means that it isn't necessary to dress the cover letter up anymore than a regular letter would be dressed up.

3. Show what it is that can be offered for the company. Make sure to clearly point out how, exactly, hiring you would enrich the company. Explain why you would be the best match for a certain position within the organization.

4. Show what looked the most interesting about the job that you are applying to. Explain why this job inspires you excitement and interest.

5. Tell the employers what makes THEM special, what makes this company the one company that deserves your application. What is it that makes them stand out against all others? Make these employers feel like they are the only ones that have your interest.

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