Veterans and Federal Government Employment

by carlos 28. August 2007

What is the "Special Preference" Veterans get when applying for a Federal Government jobs?

Veterans Preference means that veterans get special consideration and a bonus of 5 or 10 points on their Federal Resume.

That may not sound like a lot...but it is quite an advantage. It can make be the difference between getting the job or not being hired.


When you apply for a federal government position , your skills, knowledge and abilities are rated based on a points system. You receive points based on your education...experience...special skills...awards and various written tests as they are required.

100 are the maximum number of points that can be accumulated .

If a Veteran applies and he is qualified for a 5 point Veterans preference he would then receive 5 additional points over all. So lets day he earned 90 points based on education...experience etc.

He would receive a total of 95 based on his Veterans preference bonus.

A 10-point preference Veteran would have a total score of 100. As you can see this can make all the difference in getting hired for the position.

This applies regardless of the agency involved.

But there is an Achilles heel for the Veteran and that is the Federal Government Resume. The danger is that it is also graded on a points basis and if your Resume (resumix, SES or OF 612 Format) is not done correctly you will lose much more than what you make up in bonus points.

Because of the awesome benefits that come with government employment, it is well worth having your Federal resume written for you by a Certified Professional Federal Resume Writer.

They can put you on the road to a secure future for you and your family.




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