What to write in a KSA answer

by fred 31. March 2009

While job seekers are familiar with resumes, they often don't understand what KSA's are when applying to government jobs. And when they hire professional writers to prepare them for them, they usually expect these writers to write their KSA answers from scratch on their own. 

The truth is, whether you want to prepare your KSA's yourself or will be using a professional service, answers to KSA's should be based on real-life situations that happened to you. Here is how you should process: first read the questions carefully. Then take some time to brainstorm to think about situations that occured where you exhibited the knowledge, skills and abilities that each KSA question is focusing on. Then start to write essays answering each of these questions in less than a page. Obviously your writing should be flawless, clear and concise. If you think your writing isn't good enough this is where you should consider hiring a professional writer. You will need to give them two things: 1) the announcement # so they can check the questions 2) describe the examples you found for each KSA question. They will then write great-looking answers for you based on the information you provided them with. 

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