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by fred 24. February 2011
With the work market being so challenging, it isn't surprising that looking for a job has now become a full time job. And, as with any job, it necessitates doing specific and repetitive tasks in order to be effective. What are these activities? Well let's have a look at the steps you should take to get employment.

When it comes to finding a Federal government job opening, there are numerous avenues you can explore. Do not spend time getting a paper to look at job classifieds. Now everything is on the web. Not only there are official government employment sites such as usajobs.gov but there are lots of job sites available that are featuring open Federal vacancy announcements, beside agencies' websites.

Another great way to find a job is to find those jobs that are not advertised. How do you this? Well, first by networking. Ask people around you, go to networking events, etc … 

Another trick that isn't known is to look at expired vacancy announcements. Why? To begin with this will allow you to find extra positions in your field. Chances are they might have a vacancy coming soon so if you send them your resume, you will be ahead of the game and they might call you before posting an ad. 

Follow those steps and, with a good resume and persistence, you will be able to find a great job.

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