Writing a cover letter for a Federal government job

by fred 25. January 2010

One of the questions we have been getting, mostly from job seekers applying for the first time to a government job is if they should write a cover letter. As you might have noticed, the government is pretty clear about the types of documents they need from applicants and it usually includes a Federal resume and KSA statements, which are series of around 5 esays showcasing you have the knowledge, skills and abilities required. Cover Letters are normally not mentionned, which means you do not need to include them. Adding a cover letter might not be bad though. While it is true that your cover letter will probably not be read as Federal hiring managers will focus on your government resume and KSA's, a professional cover letter might act in your favor when it's time to make a hiring decision, if several candidates have a similar profiles and you were the only one to go the extra mile by including a cover letter ...

As to how a Federal cover letter should be written, well just like a standard cover letter but make sure to avoid any fluff and focuses on the elements that were included in the vacancy announcement. 


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