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Highly sought after and super-competitive, the federal government job is a prize many seek and few find.

A complicated process and strict guidelines can work as formidable obstacles to the Government Job.

Government jobs are popular because of their security and the unbelievable benefit packages. And unlike other countries, gov jobs can also pay very, very well.

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In addition here are a few pointers for your use while applying for government job openings.

Good Luck On your Federal Job Search!

Be Ready, Be Prepared

Know your federal government job opportunities. To successfully compete in the federal job application process, you have to be prepared ahead of time, so study the federal job openings carefully, have a complete and detailed federal government resume (in the correct format) and submit the resume exactly in the manner requested. Follow the rules!

Be Patient All federal jobs are filled on qualifications only. No "special favors" or "friends" hired first. This being the case, it takes longer than usual to reach a hiring decision. Many people don't like the wait, but it is fair and it also means that what matters most is your experience, education and skill set. Make a federal job list; call it jobs government or jobs federal. Use the list to track your progress for each job you've applied for.

Know Your Agency's Hiring Practices

US government jobs are not managed by one giant employer. With nearly 2,000,000 jobs to manage, Federal Government Jobs are each handled by the appropriate federal agency. Each agency hires their own employees. Be sure to research the federal agencies that you're interested in and learn about their procedures. This is the way those with successful Federal government careers have done it.

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