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KSA, KSA’s or Knowledge Skills Abilities, all refer to narrative statements (essays) that are required, with most Federal Resumes when applying for a Federal job opening. Usually rated with a scoring system, from 1 to 10, KSA’s are used by government recruiters to identify the best applicants from a group of qualified candidates.

KSA are written in the first person, and must answer 3 to 10 questions that are included in the vacancy announcement. They are meant to showcase how you meet and exceed the position’s requirements.

  • Knowledge is a factual or procedural data applied to the job.
  • Skill is competence in managing data, things or people.
  • Ability is competence in performing a mental or physical action.

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More detailed than a resume, each KSA answer must feature one or two specific examples of how you demonstrated the Knowledge Skills Abilities asked for. They must follow a specific format to be accepted as well. KSA’s can also incorporate elements such as education, training, awards & volunteer work, as long as they’re relevant.

It is strongly recommended that KSA writing be done by a professional KSA writer. Don't be shy about asking for KSA help, the last thing you want to have happen is to lose the chance at a great federal job because you hesitated in asking for help!

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