We can help you with all your Federal resume writing questions

These are our most often asked questions. If your question is not answered here you can call our Customer Support Department toll-free at 1-800-977-9432.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1997 and still growing strong.
Can I get a confidential consultation?
Yes we have highly trained career counselors ready to seve you during our regular business hours.
What are your business hours?
Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)
What are ECQ's? (ECQ's: Executive Core Qualities.)
A document that is written for a Senior Level Federal Government executive job posting. It lists the executive core qualities for the applicant interested in the position. Our Writers are highly experienced ain the correct preperation of the ECQ documents. (See Glossary for more)
How long does Federal Resume Writing take?
Generally a Federal Government Resume takes between 3 to 5 working days. But under special circumstances one can be done in about 12 working hours.
How many years of experience do your writers have? Are they Certified, Licensed; etc?
Our team of writers has over 30 years of experience writing all kinds of resumes and many of them are professionally certified. This means that they have actually gone to a resume-writing course, and then taken a test, and have passed it.
Can you help me with KSA's?
Absolutely. KSA's which stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (see our glossary for more complete definition) are an important part of the federal resume process. Having a correctly written and formated KSA document is ESSENTIAL to success in landing a Federal Job. Our writers take extra care in the preparation of the KSA documents to insure compliance and success.
Are the resumes you write accepted by all government agencies?
The answer is yes. We will write you the federal resume you need in the correct format for every goverment agency. We write for social security jobs, social security administration jobs, homeland security jobs and national security jobs. We regularly write these documents including a veterans affair resume, postal resume.justice resume, defense resume and treasury resume.
Why do I need a Vacancy Announcement?
Usually, when a federal job seeker wants a resume, they submit to us an “Announcement”. We go through the announcement with our clients to make sure all the application requirements are met and nothing is overlooked.
Do you write resumes in the OF-612 Format?
Yes we write resumes in the OF-612 format as well as Resumix and SES.(see glossary for more).
What are PTQ's? (Professional / Technical Qualifications.)
A document that is usually written for a specific federal job posting. It lists the professional and technical qualifications for an applicant interested in the position. Our writers are trained to write these documents as required to pass the federal process.
Can you explain Resumix to me?
Yes. A format of a federal resume that is usually used for the DOD (Department of Defense). All you need to know is that some federal jobs require applicants to submit their resume in this format. We can help you with resumes with all the formats required by the Federal Government.
Are you experienced in writing the SES Resume?
Absolutely, we have years of successful experience writing the SES Resume and handling ECQ and PTQ questions.
Do you write Military to civilian Conversion Resumes?
Yes! We have writers specifically trained to build the Military to civilian Conversion Resume.

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"The resume you prepared for me was superb...The first interview I went on was an ace:  They called me back in less than 24 hours.

I have just completed my second week of work at my new job. Thank you so much...I also want to add that every time I had a question for you guys the response time was impressive. Thank you guys so very much. I will always recommend your company to whom ever may be in need of a truly professional resume..."

- R.S.

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