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A Resumix Resume (sometimes spelled Resumex) is a type of resume used by the armed forces. So you will have an Army Resumix a Navy Resumix and so on. The Resumix Resume is also used by the Department of Commerce.

All Resumix resumes are not created equal. When you are applying to different government agencies you need to study the requirements of the different agencies as requirements vary from one agency to the other: for example the Army Resumix is restricted to 3 pages while the Navy Resumix allows 5 pages.

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Because Resumix identifies the best candidates by matching the skills of the applicants against the skills selected by the hiring managers, it is important that your Federal Resumix resume include all the relevant keywords, otherwise your application won’t even be seen by a recruiter.

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Resumix resumes being more restrictive -- in terms of content and format -- than Federal and civilian resumes, it is recommended to get help from a professional Federal government Resumix resume writer to assure that both your paper and Resumix resumes are properly prepared and customized to the requirements listed in the vacancy announcement.

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