Federal Government Employment For Veterans

Did you know that Veterens get "Special Preference" over non-veterans when applying for Federal Government jobs?

Veterans Preference means that veterans get special consideration and bonus points on their Federal Resume. Eligible veterans looking for government employment are eligible for a 5 or 10 point advantage.

That may not sound like a lot but it can make the differrence between getting hired or not.

Here is an example:

If you apply for a federal job, your knowledge, skills and abilities will be rated on a point system. You will receive points for related education, experience, special skills, awards, and written tests if required.

The maximum points anyone can accumulate is 100. If an eligible five-point preference candidate accumulates 90 points, five additional points are awarded on preference for a total score of 95. Therefore, the preference veteran, in most cases, must be hired before an agency can hire anyone with less than 95 points in this example. A 10-point preference vet would have a total score of 100.

The same goes for all Federal Government jobs such as:

Social security jobs, Social security administration jobs, homeland security jobs and national security jobs and many others I am sure you can think of.

If you are qualified for the position and you are a veteran you have a huge advantage over most other applicants. The federal government prefers you to others and legally can't pass you over for any arbitrary reasons.

But there is a danger that you face: the Federal Government Resume. The danger is that it too is graded on a point basis and if your resume (whether it is a resumix, SES resume or Federal Government resume) is incorrectly done you will lose points!

It could not only negate the preference points you get as a veteran plus cost you more points as well leaving you, well...

Because of the awesome benefits that come with government employment, it is well worth looking into having your Federal resume written for you by a certified professional. They can take the worry out of the equation and put you on the road to a secure future for you and your family.

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